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Oakville Hospital Gift Shop

Gifts N More

Phone Belt

Washable. This phone belt is perfect for those busy individuals who don’t like to use a bulky purse but always have their hands full. The adjustable belt can be worn around your waist, across your body or around your chest. 



We have a wide selection of purses ranging in sizes and prices to compliment any outfit in your day to day life.


Tea Sets

Our tea sets are a perfect gift for anyone! We have many choices of sets ranging from one tea cup to four.

$11.99 - $45.99

Drink Ware

Our drink ware is the perfect gift for those looking to give a small and meaningful gift.

$12.00 - $22.99

Slippers Galore

We have a variety of slippers and indoor footwear to choose from.

From open toe to closed toe, from Velcro to slide- on’s, we’ve got a large selection that we’re sure can meet all your slipper needs.

$25.00 - $36.99

Assorted Wallets

We have a variety of sizes and price points for our wallet collection.

RFID protected wallets and card holders are available, including a selection of Celine Dion wallets.

$10.99 - $58.00

Assorted Gifts

Enjoy browsing our gift and decor ideas. 

$11.99 - $22.99

Christmas Decor

It's that time of the year!

Enjoy browsing all our Christmas Decor. 

$12.00 - $22.99